Our Story

Payment Risk Consultants was founded in August 2014 by Andrew Mulvenna and Stuart Nash. After many years of working in the card payment industry at assessor, acquirer and scheme level, managing and implementing programs in the compliance and risk areas of business, we began to offer our experience to clients to bring a pragmatic and holistic approach to compliance and risk management. Our approach is based on our years of experience, whilst being able to provide the flexibility to partner with our client to produce a tailored and flexible approach that may not be available within the constraints of large corporate companies. 

A day at the office

No two days are the same, one day we may be reviewing an acquirers merchant risk appetite, the next we will be helping a PSP in their journey to meet the requirements of the PCI SSCs Point to Point Encryption(P2PE) standard.

We thrive on these challenges and it is what drives us to do what we do.