Understanding and maintaining compliance with card scheme rules and regulations is a constant challenge for many in the marketplace. We provide our clients with support to ensure that they understand the reasoning behind and the potential impact of becoming non-compliant to the regulations. Our purpose is always to allow our clients to enhance their processes, policies and procedures to ensure they are in control of their portfolio and are operating effectively within regulatory compliance. 


We are approved by Visa International to perform risk reviews for the following programs:

  • Acquirer Risk Program (ARP)
  • Global Acquirer Risk Standards (GARS)
  • Global Brand Protection Program (GBPP)

In addition to scheme mandated reviews we are able to provide individual consultations to our clients in order to allow them to proactively manage their portfolio. These services include:

  • Portfolio Management and Remediation
  • Acceptance Risk Policy & Procedure Development
  • Industry Vertical Risk Management for High Risk Markets
  • Merchant and Partner Due Diligence Reviews
  • Non-compliance Remediation