Welcome to Payment Risk Consultants. We are a specialist European based risk management consultancy, focused on ensuring our clients merchant portfolio meets the requirements of the card schemes regulations.

Our team delivers bespoke consultancy to our clients worldwide based on their risk appetite and provides guidance on how best to manage their portfolio to ensure compliance with card scheme regulations and builds on industry best practices.

By reviewing our clients policies, procedures and processes, as well as conducting interviews with staff, we are able to provide a detailed analysis of our clients business and provide a gap analysis of items that require attention.  Based on this analysis, we can tailor a program of work for our clients to maximise their business potential, whilst at the same time reducing the likelihood of fraudulent transactions and non-compliance with card scheme regulations.

We provide pragmatic and tailored guidance to our clients to ensure that their business is managing its risk in line with their risk appetite, whilst maintaining compliance with card scheme rules along with local and international regulations whilst driving continued business growth.

We provide insight into the current market trends and risks that are relevant to a diverse customer base including:

  • acquirers
  • global card processors
  • payment service providers
  • merchants